Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shoot 'em Up With Style (Gun Concept)

This was so incredibly fun! I love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeee doing these tiny details, it's like you are assembling the actual gun in front of you! Lining and drawing it out by hand killed my wrist for a day, but oh sooo worth it! I dont really know how to line art in photoshop so I did it the old school way of using the pencil (probably my cleanest line art yet)! I learned more about guns than I did before; so that's pretty cool...especially with reticles.
This gun was inspired by someone else who has done a project like this while I was blog surfing.

Enjoy! =)


  1. these quite reminds me of the Mass Effect guns, if you haven't then you should check them out. Mass Effect = best game ever

  2. Oh cool! I do have 1 month of summer left, perhaps I shall, thanks for letting me know ;)

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