Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gerald Averdeen Fitz

Yes! GOAL accomplished hahaha. First time rendering a character in full colour. Just trying to learn ways of painting XD This was soooooooooooo fun to paint...feels like I didnt take long on it, maybe 2 days? Nevertheless, it was fun haha.

Gerald Averdeen Fitz hahaha is what I will call him! His dad is a great aviator so he wishes to be as good as his dad one day. He will just have to play with his toy airplane for now! His favorite song is "I gotta be me"- Sammy Davis Jr.


  1. Love it! Keep em goin! Moarrr!!!! * flips same table*

  2. fairly nicely done, Janice

    but the why you signed your signiture... ehemmm!!

  3. Oh man I didnt even notice.....- - I will change it lol