Friday, December 16, 2011

Abusing the Cintiq

Yeah! Abusing the cintiqs before I go home where I will have no scanner or cintiqs to do clean lines. XD
Also inspired by Creature Box XD

Also changing the layout of my blog soon? We'll see


  1. nice Janice, did they add in more cintiqs? I thought only the 4th year gets them )

  2. @ Ben: Yeah man! We got ummm 18 ish cintiqs? Sooo it's awesome :D
    @ Neilizza: Hahaha not quite awesome yet :P

  3. DAMN, so that's where our tuition went!! We had like.. 5 cintiqs in the 4 year area, and that was it. All we had in our 3rd year room was just 2 pitiful pencil test station... it was a sad sad year i tell you

  4. Hehehe thanks for paying for some Ben :P Oh I think the 4th years got more too. The 2nd year and 3 year studios kinda got renovated, though 2nd years don't get their own desks anymore. Yikes 2 pencil tests machines, we still have 2. They were kind enough to give us 2 scanners too