Saturday, February 25, 2012


I was studying lighting and highlights off of a mass effect wallpaper and because he's so cool to paint. I love his character design and his space suite :)
So...anyone want to buy me a $70 N7 hoodie? Yes? Awesome!

I also had to redo this character twice...I was working on him last night. Then, my mac decides to freeze entirely, so I stayed up till 4 just to redo what I lost. I learned something I guess when I repainted him it took half the time :D

EDIT: I made a kid Salarian because..well I think he's adorable ^_^


  1. NIceeee one Jchu, now do one for Mordin

    On a side note, if you want a N7 hoodie, you better get one fast, cause they sell like hot cakes )

    1. Thanks!! I will attempt Mordin too then :P

      But they are soooo expensive D: I will...order the Mass Effect Artbook instead. I also have that N7 Patch that comes in the collectors, so I can still look half cool. Bwahaha

    2. Yes, definitely get the book, I actually have it on my desk. I can tell you it worth every penny

    3. Good!!! Guess I'll have to order it then and it's not bad the price either!

  2. Nice, 5 stars for the Salarian kid )