Monday, March 26, 2012

Before I turn old again...

I had to make some art before my birthday came around lol. I can squeeze another 2 before Thursday ahahaha! Hopefully. 
Trying to get better at backgrounds still...arghhhhhhh


  1. Good, squeeze a few more of these out.

    A friend of mine uses this term a lot back in the sheridan days too. Because "Squeezing art out" is kind of like going to take a dump. It takes time, frustrating cause its something that has to be done, and satisfying once you've done it, :D

    "Trying to get better at backgrounds still...arghhhhhhh" *water plop*

    I think you get the idea too, hahah )

    1. Ahahah Ben you're too awesome. Thanks for the poo analogy ;)