Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Unearth Initiative

Hey guys, remember when I said that I was working on something? Here it is!! It’s a small game that I’m working on with 3 other people who are veterans of Insomniac Games (All of whom were a big part of the Ratchet and Clank series when it was first released and Spyro and Resistance)!!!! They are also the people who have inspired me to become a concept artist or at least helped me in making the decision that I wanted to be a concept artist. 
I’ve been working with these guys for a few years. My first deal with them was in 3rd year and then throughout 4th year( up till now and still going) I’ve been working on this!
Please follow us on this exciting journey! So far this is the pre-alpha for the game :D
If you have a Steam account - please rate our game in the greenlight section:

If you'd like to follow daily updates of our colonists check out our twitter page!
You'll be getting live tweets and some screenshots and what not of her daily life as an UnEarth Initiative Colonist, Allison D'min!


  1. Cooool stuff Janice!! Crossed fingers that your game gets made!! :D


  2. Thanks Alex!! I hope so too...that would be amazing :D

    Im going to guess and say that means....congrats

  3. Haha, it means "good luck," "do your best," or "keep fighting!"

    1. Oooo okay...I put it in google translator as well... but I wasn't sure if it was the right context of what appeared so I wasn't sure :P